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Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery , Orbit and Ocular Oncology

Department of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, Orbit and Ocular Oncology deals with correction of congenital ( present from birth ) and acquired ( developed later in life ) deformities of the eyelids, lacrimal system (tear duct ), orbit (the bony cavity around the eyeball), socket and the area of face around the eyes. It also deals with tumors and cancers inside and around the eyeball..

An ophthalmic plastic surgeon is an ophthalmologist who has completed additional training in plastic surgery as it relates to the eyes and their surrounding structures.

Disorders of eyelids

Ptosis (Drooping of eyelid) – Since birth or which occur later in life

Prior to surgery

1 week after surgery

Ectropion ( Out- turning of eyelid )

Prior to surgery

1 week after surgery

Entropion ( Inturning of eyes )

Prior to surgery

1 week after surgery

Ocular Oncology Service

The entire spectrum of ocular surface , orbital , eyelid and intraocular tumors are diagnosed and effectively managed with best protocols .

Reconstructive surgeries are done with great emphasis on function and cosmesis.

Prabha Eye Clinic has tied up with Sri Sankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre to provide comprehensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy services to patients with state of the art technology by eminent oncologists , at affordable costs.

Our Team of specialists :

Capillary hemangioma in an infant ,almost completely resolved with oral propranolol
Basal cell carcinoma ,excised completely with margin clearance , scar almost invisible at 1 month
Orbital retinoblastoma after 6 cycles of chemotherapy , ready for enucleation
White reflex ( leucocoria ) in a 2 year of child , the commonest presentation of Retinoblastoma

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