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International Patients
Emergency: +91 80 26659595
Board: +91 80 26659090
Appointment: 080-26659090/595, 22444131/141

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Emergency Room

Emergency Care - A Prabha Eye Clinic Initiative

In case of an emergency, please call on the general number and ask for an ophthalmologist or you may walk in directly to the hospital into the emergency room. The eye physician/doctor would attend the same and treatment would be given to the patients based on the seriousness of the injury.

Emergency Contact Details:

Board #:+91 80 26659090

Emergency #: +91 80 26659595

Helpline & Appointment #: 080 30860773

emergency care


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Care for Your Eyes

People with good vision in only one eye should wear safety glasses to protect the good eye, even if they do not need glasses otherwise. Safety glasses should have lenses made of polycarbonate (an especially strong, shatterproof, lightweight plastic) and be 3mm thick. A plastic or polycarbonate frame will reduce the risk of injury from the frames themselves. Frames which meet the ANSI standards offer the best available protection for general spectacle wear. Adults can set a good example for children by always wearing protective eyewear while using power tools, rotary mowers, line lawn trimmers, or hammering on metal.

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