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Glaucoma Service by Prabha Eye Clinic provides evaluation and treatment of Glaucoma and other diseases.

Our Glaucoma Specialist:

The Glaucoma service provides comprehensive Diagnostic facilities, which include Applanation tonometry, Pachymetry, Comprehensive clinical examination including Gonioscopy with standard 4 mirror, and other specialised fundus lenses, and optic disc photography. Advanced optic nerve head and retinal nerve fibre layer imaging modalities including GDx VCC retinal nerve fibre layer analyser, and Stratus OCT NFL analyser are available for tracking the optic nerve head and nerve fibre layer. Automated visual field by Humphrey field analyser, and Frequency doubling technology, assists in estimating functional loss due to Glaucoma and helps in monitoring the same with Glaucoma Progression AnalysisTM software.

Ultrasound biomicroscopy is available for evaluation of Angle closure Glaucomas and other conditions.

Laser treatment modalities including Nd YAG Laser for iridotomies, and Diode laser for Trabeculoplasty are offered.

Surgical management of all types of Glaucomas including, Trabeculectomy with or without antimetabolites, Non penetrating surgeries like Deep Sclerectomy , Trabeculotomy, and surgeries for advanced glaucomas including Ahmed Glaucoma Implant, and Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation. Specialised Phaco- cataract surgeries in eyes with previous glaucoma surgeries, Pseudoexfoliation, and non dilating pupils, and special conditions like nanophthalmos are done in addition to standard combined cataract and Glaucoma surgical procedures.

The service has extensive experience and offers surgical management of Glaucoma in new born , infants and children. Continued patient education and availability of patient counselling services makes this department a very patient- centric one, aiding management of this chronic eye condition.

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