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Thyroid Eye Clinic

Lid retraction ( upper lid pulled up )
Proptosis (forward bulging of eyes )
  • People on medications for thyroid disorder need eye - checkup focused at thyroid eye disease every 6 months
  • Double vision , decrease in vision , elevation of upper lid , forward protrusion of eyes can occur due to thyroid disease
  • Fortunately , all the above can be prevented, controlled and managed with periodic eyecheckup in a clinic focused at thyroid eye disease.
  • Our Team

    Orbit specialist – Dr.Smitha.K.S.

    Services provided

    1. Comprehensive eye evaluation including measurement of proptosis with Hertels Exophthalmometer and monitoring progress there after
    2. Colour vision test
    3. .Field test with Humphrey field Analyser
    4. Dry eye evaluation
    5. Evaluation of double vision and prism trial
    6. Medical treatment for severe redness and congestion of eyes
    7. Botox injection for correction of lid retraction
    8. Endoscopic Orbital Decompression in coordination with ENT specialist for correction of forward protrution of eyeballs
    9. Corrective procedures for lid retraction

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