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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Our center also treats children who have eye problems. Small children are unable to relate their eye problems and our ophthalmologists treat children in a very friendly way with special equipment and treatment methods.

Pediatrics Specialists:

The common pediatric eye problems are congenital eye diseases, Amblyopia or lazy eye, Pediatric strabismus or squint and refractive errors.

More About Pediatrics

Congenital eye diseasesinclude congenital cataract, Ptosis or drooping of eye lids, congenital nasolacrimal duct blockage (or NLD blockage) which results in watering of eyes. Newborns and younger infants commonly have some matting in their eyes and may have a lot of tearing; this could be because of blocked tear duct.

Amblyopia or lazy eyecondition happens when visual function of one eye is underdeveloped. This could be successfully treated in early childhood as complications increase with age. It is difficult to identify a child suffering from amblyopia unless there is obvious misalignment. A thorough examination done by a specialist can help in analyzing this problem.

Retinopathy of Prematurirtycondition happens when a baby is born prematurely ( less than 36 weeks of gestation).The retina of the baby is screened in association with the NICU and action taken as nescessary.

Pediatric strabismus or squint condition which can be identified when your child’s eyes point in different directions. If it is not treated on time, it could lead to double vision, eye strain, discomfort and headache. Minor cases can be treated through patching and glasses. Strabismus is best treated in childhood. The main sign of strabismus is an eye that is not straight. Sometimes children will squint one eye in bright sunlight or tilt their head to use their eyes together.

Refractive errors Children with weak vision are treated through eye exercises, glasses, and eye drops. Pediatric ophthalmology is a specialization field of general Ophthalmology and Prabha Eye Clinic has ophthalmologists who specialize in pediatric ophthalmology.


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