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Emergency: +91 80 26659595
Board: +91 80 26659090
Appointment: 080-26659090/595, 22444131/141

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Patient Care

Driven by a passionate patient centric code of ethics, Prabha Eye Clinic, strives to meet all your eye care needs in a very simple and humane manner. With over seven decades at the helm of high quality eye care, we are humbled by the trust that the patients have placed in us.

Use this site to seek any information regarding your ailment, care provider, insurance and other queries. The "Write To Us" page can be used for specific queries not answered here.

Equipped with the latest in medical technology, powered with some of the best known ophthalmologists on its board, and aided with patient friendly staffs,Prabha Eye Clinic offers highly comprehensive and pleasant eye care. With more than seven decades at the helm of high quality eye care, Prabha Eye Clinic is humbled by the trust placed in us by the patients.

Please feel free to contact our hospitals at our "Write To Us" page to know more about patient care at Prabha.

Patient Care

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